What is Alkemi’s Conversion Audit

A detailed 1,100 point report analysing your website from a conversion perpsective. We help you identify the pain points for your visitors on your website, and provide clear strategies to obviate weaknesses and better exploit your strengths.

Within it’s pages you will discover the inner workings of your site from a functional and psychological standpoint.; uncovering the issues your site suffers and identifying the steps that can be taken to remedy the problem.

Working out what your business needs to succeed online is not easy. Every business is different, and so are the requirements of what they need to make the most out of their online presence.

Within our fields of focus, Alkemi offers a wide variety of services; each backed by proven methodologies and years of experience to ensure they generate a strong, positive return for your online business.

We appreciate finding the right service mix can be difficult which is why our expert consultants work with you to understand what your business really needs.

What you are looking for:

  • An understanding of what is stopping people from buying on your website.
  • Recommendations on how you can remedy conversion rate issues.
  • How to best capitalise on the unique strengths of your online presence.
  • A proven strategy for increasing sales online.

How Alkemi’s Conversion Audit Can Help You

With over a decade of experience, Alkemi brings its expert knowledge and applies it to your website’s ability to convert. Inside your audit you will find:

  • An understanding of the different ways of buying exhibited by the different personality types that visit your site.
  • A specific relevant analysis of your website’s conversion weaknesses and explinations of how they are disadvantaging your site’s performance.
  • Detailed recommendations for improving site performance.
  • An increased understanding of how your visitors buy online and how you can ensure your website supports those buying processes to increase your chances of improving site conversion.



Sales Enquiries
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