Google has launched a new feature called ‘Call Forwarding’ for Australian Adwords advertisers.

Although this feature was originally available for Google AdWords advertisers in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany, Google have now expanded the privilege to Australia.

How does the Call Forwarding feature work?

Advertisers who are already utilising the ‘Call Extension’ feature will be able to use the new Google Call Forwarding feature. This feature displays a unique and trackable toll-free number to visitors who search ads via desktop, laptop and tablet devices. In this process your actual number is replaced by a number assigned by Google to your campaign. When any of your ads appear they will show that assigned number and if the user makes a call to the listed number or interacts with the call button, then that call will be forwarded onto your existing business number. At this stage, there is no cost associated with implementing a call tracking number in your campaigns. All of the details of the call can be tracked however there are some features that you would only be able to get through a third party call tracking supplier such as the ability to listen back to the call, or the option of displaying a specific number dynamically on your website.

The following information can be captured using the Call Forwarding Feature

  • Call duration
  • Call start and end time:
  • Caller area code
  • Connection status of call
  • Called ID

Why would I use Call Forwarding for my business?

The metrics available through the Call Forwarding feature are certainly useful for businesses who have already implemented Call Extensions and want to better understand their phone traffic.

Let’s take an example to understand how the Call Forwarding feature actually helps you and your business to provide you with a detailed report of all the leads and phone calls which you might not be aware of.

Suppose your business is receiving more phone calls since adding a Call Extension (which is likely!) but to prove the success of this addition you need to understand how valuable this phone traffic is. By updating all Call Extensions with a Google Call Forwarding number you would have the following details available to report on:

  • You can see from where your customer is calling from by noting their area code
  • You’re able to identify what time of day your visitor is calling
  • By noting the duration of the call you can see how long they spoke to your business for.

It is likely that calls lasting multiple minutes may lead to sales and with the knowledge of call length you can count phone leads as well as sales through your Adwords account. Basically by adding the ability to track calls / phone leads, you now have the ability to see more accurately how effective your ad is and how much phone calls your business is actually getting from your Adwords activity.

How will Call Forwarding contribute to my business growth or success?

Measuring call duration allows you to see the efficiency of the call enquiry/sales process over the phone. If you track the call for a significant length of time then you can get an idea of how long the conversion process takes via phone. If the calls are not converting and call duration is short then it clearly indicates that caller is not getting the required information from your sales person or that the ad they called from is not targeting the correct audience.

Identifying the start time of calls is useful for businesses who want to optimise their Adwords budget by time of day. This provides a better outlook on the popular time of the day that your customers want to get in touch with you and you can then readjust your bids accordingly.

Analysing caller area codes can assist your business in identifying where your current target audience is and also help you ascertain the other cities that present opportunities for business growth.

Connection status of call tells you whether a call was successfully connected to your business or not. This metric is beneficial to businesses who want to improve their internal call procedures and reduce the number of missed calls.

Lastly, businesses that use caller ID functionality will still see the same information as if the call had come directly from the caller.

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