Checkout Optimisation

Your checkout should be the main area you focus on when you begin your optimisation efforts.

You have already paid a lot of money to get them to this point, don’t throw that away by simply having a checkout or lead generation page that your guest does not feel comfortable with or want to take the time to get through.

The checkout is your ticket to the quickest and highest returns and Alkemi has helped 100’s of websites improve their checkout performance.

Your Problem

You have a product that takes multiple peoples approval before making a final decision and are not sure how to keep communication open.

Guests are leaving your checkout process at a rate over 50%

You have targeted traffic but still have a low conversion rate.

You want to start working on your site o the highest impact area possible.

Your lead generation form just doesn’t seem to be generating leads

What We Can Do For You

Alkemi will improve the conversion rate of your checkout process or lead generation form improving your overall conversion rate by up to 40%! Implement the strategy we suggest for your checkout and see a long lasting high impact change to your business.

  • Keep in touch with guests who got too busy to purchase today or need to consult with others before making a final decision.
  • Improve satisfaction of the most important guests on your site and create more repeat business.
  • Start optimising your site with the lowest hanging fruit. If you are going to optimise one thing, this is it.
  • Increase leads and revenue by up to 40%.

Case Study

Awards and Trophies
Awards and Trophies has an especially complex checkout process since each product they sell has custom engraving. Imagine trying to check out and not having all your engravings prepared!

Alkemi was able to increase the conversion rate of the Awards & Trophies checkout by 11.27% using best practices and then continued to increase the conversion rate from there with testing and shopping cart abandonment remarketing.

Hypothetical Revenue


10,0000 visitors a month  with average order value of $ 150
The usability studies increase revenue by $3,900/month or $46,000/year
Awards and Trophies made changes to their website that both improved customer experience and also increased profit. Return guests are especially important bfor this client because of the seasonal sales cycle.

Working Together From Start To Finish

Here is a timeline of what it might look like to work on checkout optimisation with Alkemi.




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