Email Marketing

Email marketing frequently proves itself to be one of the highest performing direct marketing strategies there is. But it takes more than bombarding your subscriber base with thousands of emails to make the most out of this tool. You need to be smart about your approach. You need to understand your visitors needs and cater to them. In short, you need Alkemi. As one of Australia’s longest serving marketing specialists, Alkemi’s team can help you take your email subscriber base and turn it into a real business asset capable of driving significant revenue improvements.

The Bottom Line

• Increased delivery and open rate. • Increased visitor engagement and repeat visitation. • Targeted messaging that your subscriber base WILL respond to • Increased conversion from this important traffic source.

Alkemi’s team will help you segment your subscriber base and engage with them the way they wish to be engaged with. We’ll coach you through every aspect of your email strategy from customer segmentation to the development of templates and appropriate marketing messages.

Whether your goals are to boost online sales or simply get visitor feedback – Alkemi can help you develop an email strategy that is right for you. Contact us today.