Premium Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click advertising is one of the most important means of obtaining qualified customers to your website who are ready to buy. By bidding on keywords relevant to your service and serving up compelling ad creative to generate a click you can ensure that the quality of your traffic is always maintained.

The key to a successful Google AdWords pay per click campaign is not just putting together a list of keywords then setting and forgetting. To get the most out of your online advertising spend it is critical your campaign is constantly monitored and optimised.

This is where Alkemi comes in.

Our team of PPC experts have the experience that can boost your online ROI into the stratosphere. They understand online retailers such as yourself and put their considerable experience to ensuring you get the best possible results. Speak to us today to learn exactly how your business can benefit from the Alkemi experience.

The Alkemi Difference


We’re more than just about traffic. Your investment needs to see a return so that’s why we focus not just on more click-throughs but more conversions for your advertising spend.


Our experience drives your success. We understand search behaviour, how to analyse it and most importantly how to act on it to get the best possible results from your campaigns.


Our clients love working with us and you will too. With a dedicated team handling your campaigns we can deliver exclusive client service and optimal campaign results. We immerse ourselves in your business to truly understand your goals and achieve them.


Our search marketing consultants are all Google Adwords Qualified Individuals having passed Google’s certification exams and meeting their other requirements to achieve this recognition. Their expertise is applied to your campaigns to ensure your goals are met.

Your Alkemi PPC Service Includes:

  • Intensive Keyword Research
  • Keyword Cluster Analysis and Grouping
  • Landing Page Optimisation & Click Path Optimisation
  • 24/7 Bid & Performance Management
  • ROI Tracking
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Copywriting & Ad Copy Testing
  • Visible URL (in ad) testing
  • Dayparting
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Local Search Campaigns
  • Contextual Campaigns versus Search
  • Paid Inclusion
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Landing Page Consultation
  • A/B Landing Page Tests
  • Multivariate Landing Page Tests
  • Click Fraud Tracking