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Targeted, thoughtful and measurable social media marketing is a powerful tool that empowers brands to publish content and foster and nurture customer relationships in the communities of interest where the target audience is active. The key to engaging with your social audience is to leverage relevant content that will bridge earned, paid and branded properties.

At Alkemi, we empower brands to activate their most important communities of interest by identifying the people, places and content they need to engage to meet measurable business objectives. We conduct social audits, develop editorial calendars and architect digital campaigns that encourages sharing, engagement and feedback.

You are looking for

  • A way to track your social media presence. you are not sure how your mobile campaigns are performing and are ready te revaluate which platforms are most valuable for your business.
  • A profitable way to engage in social media. You want to use your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to create and foter relationships in both the long and short term.
  • Guidance on how to present your brand in the social space. You need a rulebook for everyone in your company to follow when engaging in social media.

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