One-Per-Click, Many-Per-Click, Here-A-Click, There-A-Click every where a click-click! You are forgiven if you have found Google’s recent update to the way it records a conversion in Adwords confusing.

Although at the core of it, the concept is much more logical and geared towards helping the advertiser really measure their performance, it is a change nonetheless and therefore can cause some minor frustration or friction in its infantry stages.

Let’s Keep It Simple

Converted Clicks are recording what are best descried as ‘Unique Customers’. This metric captures “the number of clicks that convert within your chosen conversion window (typically 30 days)”, as explained in the Adwords Community. For example someone clicks on your ad and makes a purchase, but then returns to the site again within the conversion window (30 days) and makes another purchase. One ‘Converted Click’ would show in your Adwords account.

Conversions record the Total Number of Conversion Actions you have received. For example, someone clicks on your ad, makes a purchase and returns the next day and downloads a white paper and a resource guide. Adwords would record 3 Conversions but only one Converted Click.

Is this for me?

Firstly, this feature is no longer a Beta and has been rolled out across all accounts. So to be honest, you don’t really have much of a choice! You do however, get to choose how you utilise this feature depending on your business model.

eCommerce Business Only Interested in Capturing Sales
You will need to specify the type of Conversion you want to track within your Adwords Account settings. In your case, it’s best to choose ‘Conversions’ instead of ‘Unique Conversions’. In your report, the Conversions column will be most useful to you as it will capture all the Conversion Actions (in your case sales) seen in your account.

eCommerce Business Interested in both Capturing Sales and Leads
You should specify that you would like to track ‘Unique Conversions’. This will allow you to track both leads and sales separately. It will be best for you to utilise both the ‘Converted Clicks’ column and also the ‘Conversions Column’ when referring to your account performance.

Still a tad baffled?

Have a look at this infographic created by Google to help explain it all


Google have also very kindly provided a video explaining the development to their attritubtion model

How do I know if I’m doing it right?

Our team of PPC Specialists here at Alkemi can help you out with that. Get in touch here to receive a free PPC Audit valued at $3000. Our team will take a look at your account for you and advise where you’re going wrong and also give you confirmation on what you’re doing right!